Frequently asked questions

How can I have a custom painting?

It is very easy. Send us a menssage and we will have a personal appointment whit you our advice is free. The product will last from eight to ten days until is made. We do not put the pictures on the wall. For that service we can recommend options just like the frames. Delivery in Dubai is free for other Emirates we will include the additional cost of delivery.

How can I order out of Dubai?

Write to us and thren we will coordinate with you the payment and additional transportation to the destination country. The product is shipped when the total cancellation is done. We cannot accept returns once you leave the workshop, so you must confirm 48 hours after order if you want to make any changes Delivery time will depend on the transport you choose. For this type of service call us on the phone +971 505170964

Payment and Deliver Products

Payment Once you have made the payment we will send you a message that we are working on the art product and in how long it will be ready. If we have it in stock the delivery will be immediate. If the payment is not made in the account, the product will not be dispatched. If you have problems and you have not received the confirmation message, please contact us. Deliver A message will be sent to you on the days enabled for delivery. Choose the day that best suits your schedule. Once delivered, no returns are accepted